Stress test your IFRS 16 lease NPV calculations with the experts!

Get a free amortisation schedule of your most complex lease.

Are you worried about the accuracy of your NPV calculations? Or would you just like to sense check the numbers? Getting your amortisation schedule wrong could have a material impact on your financial statements. 

Compare the results of your NPV workings against what our LOIS lease accounting solution would automatically calculate and produce for you, with no obligation. 

LOIS is the trusted lease accounting software solution for IFRS 16 compliance and asset management, for over 70 clients across Australasia with $26bn under management.

All you need to do is:

  1. Download the easy to complete Excel lease template.
  2. Enter the details of your most complex lease, or lease of your choice, into the required yellow input cells.
  3. Email the completed template to Damon Kennedy at damon.kennedy@quadrent.com.au
  4. One of our CA qualified LOIS team members will run the numbers through LOIS and send you back an amortisation schedule, within 48 hours, so you can compare it against your own calculations.

Lease names do not need to be disclosed and Quadrent is bound by confidentiality. We will delete the information once we send the amortisation schedule to you.**

LOIS Amortisation Schedule ExampleLOIS Amort Schedule

LOIS Amortisation Schedule Excel Export ExampleAmort Excel Example

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