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Worried about your IFRS 16 accuracy? Stress test your numbers with LOIS.

Get a Free IFRS 16 Amortisation Schedule for Your Most Complex Lease

“Hayley has been great to work with! She has been extremely proactive, suggesting ways we can optimise our use of LOIS to add value to our business. She knows our business well and her lease accounting knowledge allows her to provide a high standard of support when required.”


Sonya Lalzad, Group Financial Accountant


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Industry Focus: How IFRS 16 impacts the mining and materials industry

It is common for entities within the mining and materials sector to lease a substantial number of big-ticket assets that are impacted by IFRS 16, such as: excavators, conveyor equipment, underground crushers, storage warehouses, material handling equipment and trucks. 

Under the IFRS 16 standard, many of these assets and liabilities need to be brought onto a lessee’s balance sheet. This PDF will provide you with information about the implications of IFRS 16 for the mining and materials industry. It will answer all your questions related to:

  • Main changes

  • Definition of a lease

  • The impacts on the mining and materials industry

  • Industry examples
Download Our Industry Focus PDF
LOIS For Mining - IFRS16

Customers choose LOIS because

LOIS Dashboard Quadrent

LOIS Dashboard

Amortisation schedule in lease view

Amortisation Schedule

General tab in lease view

General Tab

Asset Tab in lease view

Asset Tab

You control the lease data process from contract upload to output of compliance reports.

You have the ability to load your own data and conduct scenario analysis inhouse using the Excel upload template configured to your master data requirements. This is at no additional cost and our onboarding team will provide guidance as required. ​

All core accounting functionality is active and live (including modifications).

There is no waiting around for the development of core functions. LOIS has a large number of clients that have been through a reporting cycle, therefore LOIS has dealt with real-world scenarios.

Our LOIS onboarding team are qualified accountants.

This is not a software implementation but an accounting/lease compliance project. Our highly configurable, but very standardised templated approach results in an extremely fast implementation pathway with minimal internal resource required from you.

Simple, intuitive and easy to use.

In addition to fully automated calculations and journal processing, LOIS' functionality is built to connect with other systems. This allows for speed when implementing, uploading and downloading, via Excel or API. 

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We explore the pros and cons of using spreadsheet applications such as Excel for maintaining ongoing IFRS 16 compliance.

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LOIS lease accounting brochure eBook mockup

LOIS Lease Accounting Solution

This ebook will provide all the information you need about LOIS, our lease accounting solution that will help you comply with the accounting standards IFRS 16 and FASB ASC 842.

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